The following pictures illustrate some of the various services Advanced Mobile Welding can perform.  Fabrication, Repair, Customization, Installation, and Modifications are what we do.

We will add more whenever we do a particularly interesting project.  Click on any image to see it full sized.  Click to jump to any section

Buildings (Internal)


Reworking existing bracing & installing new steel column @ hotel



Supply & install framing & walls for clean room ventiliation @ local hospital


Shop fabricated (one coat shop prime) deliver and install structural steel framing for new elevator tower inside historical building in downtown Durham, NC.


Fabrication and installation of I-beam as specked by a structural engineer, under our supervision, for a hospital in Durham, NC.

Buildings (External)



Fabricate & install galvanized steel framing & stainless steel panels @ hospital



Fabricate and install new platform and new railing for water tower crane


Weld stainless steel water pipes at various Water towers


Fabricate and install Window guards downtown Durham


Repairing damaged light pole @ hospital



Fabricate custom mount and install scrolling billboard for television station in Durham, NC.


Fabricate, deliver and install custom doors for barn.

Custom Handrails


Fabricate & install aluminum handrail @ American Tobacco Durham, NC



Fabricated and installed safety rails in Holly Springs, NC



Rewelding cut handrails and new caisons



Fabricated handrails (one coat shop prime) deliver and install for 2 shopping centers, one in Carboro, NC.



Repair damaged handrail in Raleigh, NC.  Before and after shown.



Fabricate, (one coat shop prime) deliver and install handrails and stairway for restaurant in Durham, NC.


Fabricated (one coat shop prime) and deliver and install picket handrails for church in Durham, NC.

Vehicle / Equipment Customizations



Fabricate & install brackets to adapt root rake to loader

Custom built and painted ladder rack to transport pipe, ladders, and other heavy equipment.


Refabrication of damaged dump truck spreader gate.  Before and after shown.



Fabricate & install screen diverters @ collection site



Repairing broken ornamental aluminum street light poles



Weld together beams and braces for bridge & handrails



Remove & replace new end caps on pontoon boat



Extend structural steel piping and tube under the supervision of structural engineer / welding inspector for installation at a state college’s motor pool.

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